July 30th, 2008


Собачья еда

Вот таким предлагают побаловать домашнего любимца. Свинные рыльца и домашние тапочки. Если бы я была собакой - о чем еще можно мечтать. Собачьей фантазии уже не хватает. Гав-вав в полном экстазе.


Great words of wisdom about family life

1. Men, man up and shoulder your responsibilities as fathers and husbands. The sins of the father is perpetuated in his children. Don’t quit on your wives and families. Quitting is easy. It makes it easier for your family to quit on you.
2. Keep your vows. Looking for greener pastures only changes one set of problems for another. Love is a decision. Stick with it. When life gets tough, get tougher. There is no greater satisfaction than of seeing your determination and struggle bring love and happiness to full bloom in the lives of your family. Nothing worthwhile ever was achieved without a struggle and struggle makes us stronger.
3. Set the example of integrity for your kids and hold your self accountable for your family’s happiness. In the end, the only thing a man has, is his word. If your word is gold, you will be treasured.
4. Don’t stop courting and dating your wife. Treat her like you did when you first met and are trying to get her to fall in live with you…and she will, over and over and over.
6. Listen to your wife. If you tune her out, you tell her she is not important, not valued and she doesn’t count. Reread # 4.
5. Communicate. Grunts and sighs do not count. Weddings do not include vows of silence.

There are 5 things that all spouses need: 

*Words of encouragement
*quality time
*doing things for them
*gift giving 
*and physical touch.